Cathy Collart Geiger, former CEO of Picard Surgelés, joins the Advisory Board of global firm PricingOne

Cathy Collart Geiger, former CEO of Picard Surgelés, has joined the Advisory Board of PricingOne, a strategic consulting firm specializing in defining the value pricing for consumer products. Already active in more than 30 countries, the firm, which advises the world’s leading retail brands, aims to accelerate its development with private label brands through this appointment.

PricingOne is an international company that supports brands in their revenue growth policies. Since 2019, the firm has developed a specific methodology to define a pricing policy adapted to consumer needs and practices. PricingOne has created a proprietary method that adjusts product pricing policies based on the concept of “perceived value” by consumers.

This approach applies to all consumer goods, ranging from cosmetics and over-the-counter medicine to the luxury industry and everyday grocery products.

Currently based in Paris, Geneva, and Dubai, PricingOne is experiencing strong growth, with an average annual growth rate of +40% since its creation in 2019. Employing a team of around forty experts, the firm supports the world’s leading brands in their execution plans across five different continents.

Development Dynamics Strengthened by Cathy Collart Geiger’s arrival on the Advisory Board

As a member of the Advisory Board, former Picard Surgelés CEO Cathy Collart Geiger will bring her thirty years of retail sector expertise and a deep understanding of private label brands’ needs to help accelerate the company’s growth.

I am very happy to bring my expertise to contribute to the development of an international firm like PricingOne. In the face of strong price volatility, brands need more than ever to be supported, to better understand consumer needs and expectations. PricingOne’s working methodology is a real paradigm shift in the perception and qualification of product value, starting from the consumer’s perspective,” says Cathy Collart Geiger, former CEO of Picard Surgelés.

On the other hand, PricingOne announces its intention to maintain its ambitious growth rate for 2024 and 2025 while consolidating its position as the French market leader in revenue growth management for the consumer goods sector.

We are very proud to welcome Cathy Collart Geiger as an advisor on the Advisory Board. Her arrival supports our strong growth dynamic, which we plan to accelerate further in the coming years. We are also very pleased that this appointment contributes to the feminization of PricingOne’s governance with the arrival of a leading French female executive,” says Ji-Hoon Dierckx, Chairman and CEO of PricingOne.

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About PricingOne: Created in 2019 by three consumer sector specialists, PricingOne is a strategic consulting and analytical solutions firm in product value definition. It supports brands in their pricing policies and engagement plans with distribution players. The method created by PricingOne allows for precise quantification of the “perceived value” of products and leads to an estimation of the price that results in a more equitable and profitable distribution for all. This “perceived value” criterion integrates numerous indicators, including brand perception, product quality, relevance of direct product benefits, consumer sensitivity to product communication, product price, environmental and social impact, competitor product prices, complementarity between private labels and national brands, etc. Through its method, PricingOne positions itself as one of the leading specialists in pricing and price evolution issues, with a unique focus on consumer expectations, innovation opportunities, complementarity between manufacturers and distributors, inflation as well as deflation, in France and abroad.,455830

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