Make Triple Win RGM™ happen

Revenue Growth Management

for Consumer Goods

We predict and quantify consumer value We create fair, data-driven, commercial plans We help your teams navigate inflation We bring pricing and revenue growth levers to optimal levels We deliver the Triple Win: results that benefit the consumer, the brand and the retailer

We predict and quantify consumer value

We create fair, data-driven, commercial plans

We help your teams navigate inflation

We bring pricing and revenue growth levers to optimal levels

We bring triple-win results for consumer, manufacturer and distributor

PricingOne is a proven Revenue Growth Management (RGM) consulting practice that specializes in helping companies go beyond pricing, to protect revenue, margins and secure trade commitment. 

Driving high impact results

We translate Pricing & Revenue Growth Management (RGM) strategies into accretive plans for key customers & channels.

We provide our clients with strong revenue growth sustained year-on-year via an end-to-end process that delivers superior consumer-centric value, specific brand strategy interventions and effective price and promo execution plans.

Consumer value quantification

to efficiently grow your revenue and margin

Integrated commercial plans

bringing to life your company strategy

Predictive modelling

to anticipate market evolutions and scenario-plan for the future at best

Data-driven Triple Win

across consumers, manufacturers, & retailers

Up to +17% gain in Net sales & Gross Profit*

Over 300bps Sales Margin improvement*

* PricingOne average track record, 1y-3y impact, by Category

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A unique approach to your growth challenges

Ji-Hoon Dierckx and Samer Gabr founded PricingOne in 2019, after more than 20 years’ experience in CPG. They developed their consumer centric RGM approach after they led the Revenue Growth Management (RGM) and Pricing Strategy at Procter & Gamble, consistently bringing significant Net Sales and Margin growth across consumer goods sectors.

Today, PricingOne leverages its highly experienced team who comes with decades of manufacturer/distributor side RGM experience to ensure you exceed your expected growth performance.

A comprehensive service offering

We deliver both quick wins via short-term optimizations, as well as more strategic interventions that will deliver growth for years to come. 

Consumer value & Pricing Power Drivers

Are you leaving money on the table with a price that is too low, or priced higher than the consumer value perception of your brand? Can you increase your price without losing volume, or lower your price to match the consumer value perception?

PricingOne Pricing Power Drivers
Consumer value &
Pricing Power Drivers
Pricing &
RGM strategies

We help companies build effective Pricing & Revenue Growth Management strategies. We work with companies to understand their unique value proposition and develop a pricing strategy that maximizes revenue and growth at both local & Global levels.

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Local pricing &
RGM strategies
Execution Plan

Our mission is to provide your sales team with the necessary tools and knowledge to maximize the potential of your products in the marketplace, ultimately creating a stronger distribution network and increasing sales in stores.

PricingOne Retailer Plan
execution plan
Training &

Depending on your needs, we build tailor-made training programs. We also facilitate interactive Revenue Growth Management workshops to onboard your business teams on RGM and empower them to deliver quick and efficient business wins.

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Pricing & RGM
Trainings & Workshops
Performance &
Plug-in Analytics

We collect, integrate, and analyze your data across internal, & external sources, layer them with our battery of advanced analytics, tailored to your data & business context, then translate into simple visualizations that commercial teams can act on.

PricingOne Analytics
performance tracking
RGM Process

We perform both a maturity assessment of your company’s RGM process and capabilities as well as a complete RGM Process Optimization approach for your organization. We do this via solutions that are tailored to your unique context and organization.

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RGM company
maturity assessment

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