Our unique methodology originates from our past experiences

PricingOne methodology is the result of a combined 50 years of experience in Pricing & Value Management, between 2 of the co-founders Ji-Hoon Dierckx and Samer Gabr. Ji-Hoon, PricingOne CEO, brought Value Pricing to every P&G Category including Gillette. Samer, PricingOne CPO, transformed P&G Pricing analytics and Dynamic Revenue Growth practices. It is this knowledge that attracted many experienced RGM practitioners to join the company.

PricingOne’s combined experience and know-how can help you as well to drive actionable interventions that last.

PricingOne co-founders Ji-Hoon Dierckx & Samer Gabr

Up to +17% net sales & gross profit

Over 300bps sales margin improvement

Our integrated approach is consistently successful

With the current inflation/deflation and margin-related challenges that many companies are facing, we have developed a series of specific products, services and trainings to enable global and local teams to navigate inflation and help consumer goods companies execute and proactively think beyond pricing – to protect revenue and margins, while securing customers’ commitment.

Our approach is consumer centric

If there is one thing to remember, it is the following: focus first on your consumers. Put them at the center of your pricing strategy, as all pricing decisions come down to shoppers making a quick decision in-front of a physical or virtual shelf. By following our proven approach, asking the right key questions, and combining all aspects of our methodology, you will deliver the desired business results and improve category performance, consumer value, grow revenue and margins. Both Net Sales and Gross Profit acceleration are natural outcomes of our methodology.

Our approach is holistic

In order to be effective, our approach brings together all major departments involved in pricing decisions. This way, we onboard Sales & Trade Marketing, Marketing and Finance teams all together, unite them behind a common view of the business challenges and opportunities and engage them into the creation and implementation of the right strategies to bring additional value to the process. We then define for each team objectives, deliverables, key recipients, and a timeline to deliver.

Our approach is predictive

We are able to quantify the impact that price changes have on your volume sold, as well as market growth, and enable you to identify future price cliffs and anticipate the strategies and scenarios to navigate around them, even in inflationary/deflationary contexts. We also help you to gain in efficiency in terms of innovation/renovation, identifying the potential effect on your portfolio equilibrium (such as cannibalization impact and incrementality to your current portfolio) and evaluating the consumers’ willingness to pay to right-size and right-price your future innovations.

5 questions we address
to protect your revenue & margins


How will your consumers & shoppers adjust their behaviors?


How much pricing can your brand command?


How to go beyond pricing & activate every RGM lever?


How to make RGM plans compelling for your key customers?


Are your commercial teams trained to ensure perfect execution?

1. How will your consumers & shoppers adjust their behaviors?

Forecast inflation or deflation impacts and anticipate actions

Anticipate market contraction
  • Segment purchasing behaviors of your Shoppers
  • Predict market growth and impact on price elasticities
  • Assess impact on assortment, mix, promotion, CRM and communication
Proactively enhance Consumer Value
  • Identify your Pricing Power Drivers, to increase your Brands’ Penetration and Consumers’ Willingness to Pay
  • Emphasize the right benefits to include across product innovation, tiering and brand communication

2. How much Pricing can your Brand command?

This question is critical to know your Brand’s perceived Value, relative Pricing Power, and non-linear elasticities.
Can we command a higher price?
  • What is your brand’s pricing power vs competition?
  • How much pricing can the perceived customer value (which is not equity) justify?
  • Are there differences by consumer segments, distribution channels, retailers?
Where are the price cliffs?
  • Where are the price elasticity inflection points (‘killer price points’) for your key SKUs, both current & new innovations?
  • What happens at the portfolio level (minimizing cannibalization)?

3. How to go beyond pricing & activate every RGM lever?

Every RGM lever will play an important role in protecting margins and sales especially in inflationary times.
There are 5 RGM levers, including Pricing
  1. Consumer Pricing 
  2. Pack Price/Size Architecture, including innovations
  3. Mix priorities
  4. Promotion strategy
  5. Differentiated Commercial Plans
Need clear integrated plan across RGM levers
  • The 5 RGM levers must be optimized simultaneously to deliver incremental impact on both revenue & profit

4. How to make RGM plans compelling for your key customers?

Need a granular, consumer-centric, commercial plan delivering against customers’ and internal KPIs
Integrated Commercial Plan for your key Customer(s)
  • Proactively managing pricing and revenue, to prevent damaging margin impact
  • Integrating short-term recommendations, evolving COGS, incremental launches and new products
The Triple-Win RGM™:
  • Volume & Penetration Growth
  • Sales ahead of Volume
  • Margin ahead of Sales
  • Trade Margin ahead of Commercial Margin

5. Are your commercial teams trained to ensure perfect execution?

Grow your organization’s Pricing & RGM capability, to enable local & commercial teams to drive the right decisions

Train your Commercial Teams on how to navigate inflation, via consumer-centric Pricing & RGM
  • RGM fundamentals
  • Consumer Value, Pricing Power
  • The Revenue Growth Equation
  • Pricing in Inflation
  • The 5 Levers of RGM
Provide easy-to-understand Consumer-centric RGM Framework
  • Common approach to Pricing & Inflation for HQ, Global, Regional and Local multi-functional teams