We build RGM trainings & organize workshops to onboard your teams

Depending on your needs, we build tailor-made trainings or organize interactive RGM workshops to onboard your business teams. This way, you can be sure that your employees are getting the most relevant and targeted information to help them succeed in their roles, as well as deliver quick business wins. Additionally, we can work with you to create custom RGM communications and training materials specifically for your company.

Why growing your organization RGM capability is important?

Because every single employee and every function has a core role in Revenue Growth Management, and thus Pricing. This is why PricingOne proposes that every function leader gets a Foundational Pricing and RGM training – typically marketing, sales, finance, consumer insights, innovation and R&D.

Such training enables your teams to create and extract value in an inflationary context, via strategies, frameworks, case studies and workshops. As a result, your teams will understand the logic behind the RGM approach, can articulate what are the key pillars of Revenue Growth Management, and can outline the 5 distinct RGM levers, of which only one is Pricing – consumer-centric value-based Pricing actually.