The RGM symphony

In today’s business world, the constant noise from internal and external environments can lead to unwanted dissonance in results. What seemed like a simple and clear melody gets transformed by things like supply chain, disruption, covid, inflation and affordability into complex and distracting discord. To create a revenue growth symphony, with true harmonies and cadences that resonate with the company, the consumer, and customers – the elusive, aspirational “Triple Win” – you need to learn to conduct the RGM orchestra through arduous and often difficult passages that deliver an unmistakable composition, transforming your organization into one with a revenue growth mindset and culture. 
Simply put, RGM is getting everyone to play from the same revenue growth musical score. It’s about creating a continuous process of capturing a sustainable and larger share of revenue and profit pools by exploring and integrating opportunities in shelf price, pack architecture, mix, promo effectiveness and commercial excellence. It’s about following the money understanding where your brand stands and how it can appeal to distinct consumer segments and occasions, faster, better, and more profitably than the competition. 
It’s about thinking beyond pure price or promotions and fully exploiting the non-price RGM levers at your disposal. It’s about integrating past historical data with current consumer perceptions to accurately quantify and predict future profit streams. It’s about understanding how to innovate and fine-tune your product bundle that maximizes your pricing power. And It’s about looking beyond brand equity, into what consumer value perception is, relative to competitors, and being savvy about when, where, and how to change price, to maximize value. 
RGM is a brave journey for the whole organization to drive continuous improvement in not only decision-support tools, but also skills, processes, and projective capabilities that may or may not be fully embraced today. It’s being open to what you don’t know and bringing that knowledge and capability in-house. It’s about starting with the consumer and shopper – the ultimate “payer” that drives your value chain – and working that value chain backward from the consumer Moment of Truth, the buying decision in front of the shelf.  It’s building a commercial plan with concrete revenue growth actions that will drive your business KPI’s.  

So, it’s up to you to pick up the baton, tap the podium, and direct your teams of brass, woodwinds, strings, and percussion to perform and deliver an ethereal work of art, executed and repeated time after time, project after project, for world-class, Triple Win, revenue growth results. 

In conclusion, RGM is an ongoing process which is critical for any business that wants to drive continuous improvement. It’s about understanding consumer segments, occasions, and maximizing pricing power. It’s a journey that requires the whole organization to drive continuous improvement in decision-support tools, skills, processes, and capabilities. It’s about holistic understanding consumer and shopper, and building granular, projective, integrated commercial execution plans with concrete revenue growth actions, across the multifunctional teams. 

When you are ready to write, conduct, and perform your revenue growth masterpiece, contact PricingOne to lead your organization from the first simple melody to the grand symphony, transforming dissonance and market turbulence into beautiful music with sublime rewards. 

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Tim Becker

With over 20 years experience in RGM with Coca-Cola & Diageo, Tim Becker joined PricingOne in 2021 as Business Development & Account Manager, introducing and engaging clients to deliver profitable, recurring growth.

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